Custom Decals

We are able to personalise any of the designs in our catalogue.  Please email us via 'Contact Us' with your ideas, and we'll be in touch.

If you'd like something a little different, you can submit your own designs!  We ideally need a vector image of your design - Postscript eps, or Adobe ai files are suitable.  If you don't have the vector image, you can send us a standard image format (jpg, bmp, etc), and we can assess it for suitability.  Once we have your image, we'll be in touch to discuss options, sizes and colours.

To upload your own designs, please use our form at the bottom of this page, or click here.

Please check out our gallery of custom work we've done in the past!

African Ladies

Map of Africa!

Continuing with the African theme, here we can see a beautiful zebra, displayed inside an outline of Africa.

African Zebra
Tribal Crow

Tribal Crow

A customer wanted this tribal crow for the side of their boat.  The finished decal looked stunning - approximately 550mm x 750mm, made up of three separate colours, as shown here, and set onto a white vinyl background.  This was a real pleasure to work on!

Kid Inside!

This customer was looking for something different from the usual "Child on Board" sign.  We think it looks great on the back of this car!


To send us your own image, simply click on "Add a File" on the form opposite.  Please include an email address, and a telephone number, so we can contact you.

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